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Jordan became an All-Star his rookie season, and it quickly became obvious Reinsdorf and his partners had struck a deal at just the right time.
Jackson got his shot, and the Bulls never looked back, winning three straight world championships to start the decade.
Michael was very burned out.
They ought to have a Hall of Fame just for Michael, and then one for everybody else.His teammates loved him, said Reinsdorf.(Scott Cunningham/nbae/Getty Images then, suddenly and abruptly, the games hackear huuuge casino greatest player decided to walk away from basketball in 1993.The separation between Michael and the next best player was enormous.On October 6, 1993, the announcement was made.I was stunned, said Reinsdorf.Had he stayed with it, I think he had a decent chance to get to the major leagues, not as a star, but as an extra outfielder."How can he not be in the Hall of Fame?While Jordan was criticized by the media for his attempt at baseballSports Illustrateds Bag it, Michael!For him, it was before the championships, when the Jordans Bulls were still on the rise, a moment known as The Shot.Yet, all he wanted to be was one of the guys.

With Jordan and Jackson suddenly out of the equation, it meant that keeping Pippen, Longley and Kerr were simply not viable options because their value in the open market was well in excess of what they would have been worth to Chicago.
I then had the feeling we were going to win that game.
He was just so much better than everyone else.