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A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market.
Brian 9 Auditors 115116 Aumann, Robert 10 165 Availability error 21 Average values, compared with distribution of incomes 132133 Average values, risk as variance from 136137 Averages, average return compared with median return 99 Averages, average value compared with distribution of incomes 132133 Averages, buy-sell.
Can a deeper knowledge of mathematics help beat the odds?Practices 115 Accounting practices, auditors and 115116 Accounting practices, comparing corporate and personal accounting 25 Accounting practices, conflict of interest and 111112 Accounting practices, deciphering company financial health 111 Accounting practices, Enron 112 Accounting practices, reforms 114 Accounting practices, transparency 115 Accounting practices, vagueness and.Employing his trademark stories, vignettes, paradoxes and puzzles (and even a film treatment Paulos addresses every thinking reader's curiosity about the market: Is it efficient?Dividends 9192 Central limit theorem 140 Ceos, arrogance of 184185 Ceos, benefits in manipulating stock prices 123124 Ceos, remuneration compared with that of average employee 183 Ceos, volatility due to malfeasance of 15 Chain letters 9295 Chaitin, Gregory 193 Chance see also "Whim" Chance,.Is there anything to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and other supposedly time-tested methods of picking stocks?Paulos also shares the cautionary tale of his own long and disastrous love affair with WorldCom.In the tradition of Burton Malkiel's A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Jeremy Siegel's Stocks for the Long Run, this wry and illuminating book is for anyone, investor or not, who casino vilagarcia follows the markets or knows someone who does.Competition, prisoners dilemma 191192 Correlation coefficient 152 see Counter-intuitive investment 54 Counterproductive behavior psychology of 1718 Covariance, calculation of 152153 Covariance, portfolio diversification based on 154 Covariance, portfolio volatility and 152 Covariance, stock selection and 159 Cramer, James 199 Crowd, following or not 37 Crowd.What are the most common scams?What light do fractals, network theory, and common psychological foibles shed on investor behavior?Are there any approaches to investing that truly outperform the major indexes?54 European stock market 163 Euros, benefits of standardizing European currencies 71 Euros, euro-pound/pound-euro exchange rate 3940 Expected excess return 158 160 Expected value see also "Mean value" Expected value, "maximization of expected value" 198 Expected value, covariance and 152 Expected value, formula for obtaining.How can one quantify risk?All of these questions are explored with the engaging erudition that made Paulos's A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper and Innumeracy favorites with both armchair mathematicians and readers who want to think like them.147 Ebbers, Bernie, acquisition appetite of 93 Ebbers, Bernie, arrogance of 183 Ebbers, Bernie, author emails offer of help 199 Ebbers, Bernie, Digex purchase 55 Ebbers, Bernie, down-home style of 181182 Ebbers, Bernie, forced to sell wcom stock 23 Ebbers, Bernie, fraud by 112113 Ebbers.
CEO remuneration 183 Endowment effect 22 Enron, accounting practices 112 Enron, margin calls on CEO Ken Lay 129 Environmental exploitation, as Ponzi scheme 9394 Equity-risk premium 146 Erdoes, Paul 75 177 Escher,.C.