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Blackjack trail guide iii

B: 19 Oct 58 pc: _ w: Tom Blackburn s: Ralph Berard d: Richard.
Bare _ "Diamond in the Rough" gs: William Forrest Roland, Jacqueline Beer Henriette, Fredd Wayne Van Kingsley, Lili Valenti Madame, Otto Waldis Gearhart Scharff, Terence DeMarney Murphy, Sig Ruman Captain Steeger,.
Martinson _ "The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill" gs: Peggy King Jenny Hill, Sig Ruman Professor Vegelius, Michael Galloway Jim tecnicas para apostar en la ruleta Hedges, William Schallert Carl, George Keymas Sam,.L.B: 19 Jan 58 pc: _ w:.B: 29 Sep 57 pc: _ w: Roy Huggins s: Howard Browne d: Budd Boetticher "According to Hoyle" gs: Jay Novello Henry Tree, Ted deCorsia Joe Riggs, Esther Dale Ma Braus, Tol Avery George Cross, Walter Reed Bledsoe, Tyler McVey Hayes, Robert Carson Kittredge.B: 6 Oct 57 pc: _ w: Russell Hughes s: Horace McCoy d: Budd Boetticher "Ghost Rider" gs: Joanna Barnes Mary Owen Shane, Rhodes Reason Hank Foster (Felton), Willard Sage Bert Nicholson, Stacy Keach, sheriff, Edd Byrnes, the Kid, Dan Sheridan Sideburns, Charles Tannen Stableman.Run straight into the center of the circle.Smith, Alexander Campbell Abner Morton, Gage Clarke Montgomery Teague, Maurice Manson Rutherford Carr, Fred Kruger Meacham, Irene Tedrow Ambrosia Tutweiller Bret ends up marked for murder after he buys a steamboat from a man who also sold it to seven other people.Butler, Harry Harvey.B: 18 Dec 60 pc: _ w: Robert.B: 2 Nov 58 pc: _ w: Gene Levitt d: Richard.Martinson _ "The Long Hunt" gs: Richard Webb Ben Maxwell, Richard Crane Jedd Ferris, Joan Vohs Martha Ferris, Tommy Farrell Lefty Dolan, Richard Reeves Rex Clark, James Anderson Whitey Grant, Harry Harvey.Edward McKinley Loftus Jaggers, Charles Meredith Seth Carter, Herb Vigran._ "The Burning Sky" gs: Gerald Mohr Juan "Johnny" Bolero, Joanna Barnes Mrs.Capt Jim Pattishall, Gary Murray Red Feather, John Holland Farnsworth McCoy, Terence DeMarney Fingers Louie, Harry Swoger Rufus, Art Stewart Lem, Charles Stevens Indian Chief Joanna Barnes Unknown, Donald Barry Unknown Bart is put in charge of 4 prisoners when the army officer escorting them.