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Bottle opener slot game

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It's official designation is 'US army pocket CAN opener' or 'opener, CAN, hand, folding, type I but it is more commonly know by its nickname the P-38 which it supposedly acquired from the 38, p unctures required to open a C-Ration can.
I've heard stories about GIs holding C-Ration can opening races using P-38s which were usually won by one who could open a C-rat can in less time than it takes to read this sentence.Set up the time radio antenna: Inventory has time radio transmitter and knife.While I was stationed as Supply and Projects Officer for the Seabees (nmcb-7) when we first went into Vietnam we subsisted on C-Rations for the better part of three months (until we could get a galley built and provisions shipped to us).The 6 or 7 p38 can openers I had in my carry-on were not even noticed.The only working reading device is the one on the right.Enter the main valve room.Salvador and Delvin check the earth's surface and learn disastrous news.Bent takes over the presentation from Duve.The Conference on global climate was going to make a decision on allowing Indez to build his plant.Ruins by time capsule: Look around at the desk.That is where he has his office.Place stake and use paperweight; select (Q).Caught: See 4 guards are killed.Go down to lower level again.Use the knife with the algae filter to get cork sample.Fay wants to download the data again from where it was taken.The Germans in the country loved those Helos and anytime one landed it drew attention of the locals.I guess, this means Fay's plan failed.See the next number at top left of the zoomed in shot -.91.