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C programming blackjack game

0) if (strcmp(input, "play 0) play else if (strcmp(input, "help 0) printf Type 'play' to begin the game.
This assignment has to use a class inheritance.
On the subject of simplifying, I'd probably also break turn into smaller functions, and try to make the logic simpler.
You created a constant cards but then you only use it once.H 02 #define heart (char)0x03) 03 #define diamond (char)0x04) 04 #define club (char)0x05) 05 #define spade (char)0x06) 06 07 typedef char * string; 08 09 struct card 10 11 string name; 12 int value; 13 char suit; 14 15 ; I have no problems here.You should use it to declare your decks, too (and I'd rename it to NUM_cards int deckNUM_cards; int sdeckNUM_cards; While you're unlikely to ever need to change the number of cards in a deck, using a constant can clarify the code and save you from.The game continues until you decide to stop to have a card or your sum is over.Any guidance would be much appreciated.Right now you have 4 global variables: int balance; int pot; int deck52; int sdeck52; These should be local variables inside the main function and you should pass them to the other functions that need to access them.The dealer loses by busting or having a lesser total than yours.If you and the dealer have the same total, then TIE.Note: value is one of 2 through 10, J, Q, K,.You could do this more easily with an array, like this: online casino bonus ohne einzahlung paypal const char* csuit(const int v) const char* kSuits "Hearts "Clubs "Diamonds "Spades" ; return kSuits v 4 ; You can do a similar thing with cface.Im still to c and have a reasonably good understanding of loops and decisions but im still having trouble getting my head around.This is a really good effort for a first loteria primitiva 16 de noviembre 2017 major project!
C programming BlackJack game *C Programming!
I would like each of the cards to have a value of type int, a name which will be a string and a suit which will be a char.