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Turn the wheel the correct way to get the 13527 code.
Press on the Black Diary Page to enter the Laboratory.Arrange them as shown and press the gears (D).Select the icons (F1) to make your way through the maze.Select the buttons in this order: 1, 2, 3, and press the button (P).Complete the steps for each colored rune.Place the 3 organ keys on the keyboard to activate a puzzle.Select gear 3 and place the arrow (T1) into the color wheel (T2).Take the drill part (I).You receive the pruning shears (E).Use the lighter on the candle.Use the brush on the card; take the tarot card (V).Place the radio (J1) in the Hearing section (M2).Flip the switch (C).Place the hook on the rope (R take the hook AND rope.Enter the correct combination in the lower part of the telephone rung (1-6).Place the battery in the slot; take the developer (A).Take the broken lantern.Connect the dots as shown (10).Your tasks are located here (2).Arrange the clocks on the right page according to the clues on the left.
Pull the lever (D).
Place the monogram in the slot; take tryad I (V).