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Step #2 : Open the section you wish to work in(Weapon, Armor, Pet, etc.).
Storage Tutorial #1, storage Tutorial #2, storage Tutorial #3.
(just to be apuestas jornada 4 liga mx safe) Step #2 : Go to AQ Game Account Management Web Page p Step #3 : Log into your blackjack gambling rules account Step #4 : Click on "Character List" on the little menu on the right Step #5 : Click the "Inventory" link Step.Q: What is the max number of slots that I can buy?View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout).Guardianship bonus items, raffle Ticket Shop Items, important Extra Notes: There is a new "View Shared Vault" link on AQ character pages to show Vault software casino online no deposit bonus inventory.Step #7 : Click the "Save Sort Changes" button at the bottom to save that category of items.Please note: The button will only appear only if the item can be stored in your Shared Vault.To remove an item from the Vault into the inventory of any of your characters log in to the game on the desired character and press "Get" from the Vault inventory screen in shop.Bug Note: If you press a letter on your keyboard while in your inventory before step #2, meaning before you have selected your item type the game will freeze.This can be done with any character on the account.Stone Cottage 10 extra slots.Some items on the character page are now colored.Extra items will be safely stored, and can be swapped into your first eight slots using any shop within the game.Buy Vault for 500 Z-Tokens, the Shared Vault comes with three slots of each item category.If you put an item in the Vault that has a higher item level than your character, you will not be able to take that item back out by that same character.A: An item can be stored from your normal in shop inventory screen by clicking "Put in Shared Vault" while you have the item selected.

Vault storage Q: What is the Vault Storage System or What does it do?