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Fruits and vegetables bingo

Teach them how fruits and vegetables gives us clues on how ripe they are.
They have a thick skin to protect them, which is green before bananas are ripe, and get more yellow in colour and sweeter in taste as they ripen.Would you like to race a banana?Based on the 2005 MyPyramid Food Guidance System, this game provides a variety of food choices that will improve the quality of an average American diet, making it ideal for every body - including anyone on a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, heart healthy or weight loss.You can also slice it and cook it like onion or celery to use in casseroles.Olives come juegos de dados y llaves in many sizes and flavours so you may need to try lots of different ones to find out which ones you like best.They are used like a wrapping paper to make little parcels filled with things such as rice or finely chopped vegetables.They are often eaten at Christmas time.Sweet potatoes make yummy wedges.Nuts make a healthier snack than crisps or chocolate.Have fun pretending to be a secret agent.They each have a little black dot per arne slotte on the side - this is where they were once attached to their pod, so it's a bit like a belly button!Plums have a stone inside.Pay using Paypal, no account required.Back to top Pepper Peppers can be red, yellow, green or orange - some are even white or purple!Sour ones like Morello cherries are tastier cooked.Take our 'Olive-tastic' quiz on vegetables and fruit.