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Job as casino dealer

( Full Answer ) In order to become a casino dealer you need to go to college and take a course in dealing which takes about 8 weeks to complete.
It is going to involve and audition but the first step in the process is to get in the system.
(your tips are not yours but shared with between three shifts).
They wear them as part of their uniform, in most cases to resemble an old time dealer.It's not much - around 15,000. Informs Pit Supervisor or other personnel of any important or relevant facts regarding specific players.Per month, depending on the cruise line, commission and size of the ship.Some cruise lines online casino bonus jackpot grand casino and concessions running casinos aboard cruise ships require diploma from approved casino dealer school, others don't.That's a very generic question.Candidates must be able to differentiate very quickly the numbers on cards, dice, wheels and determine the outcome of the game.Otherwise expect to have to pay to have someone teach you to deal.They are also trained to alert their supervisors about about possible cheating at the games and any other unusual activities.With no life as your shift will change constantly.Minimum one year Casino Dealer experience in a licensed casino conducting Blackjack and Roulette games, proficiency in other games is a plus.Finally the individual is hired on a probational basis for several months.Indian casinos might seem backwards, have strange rituals, or worse.( Full Answer to obtain a Casino Dealer License in California, you must first apply to a casino for either a Table Games Dealer or Poker Dealer position.You then get a job at a smaller casino then work your way.Generally speaking, to deal the game, pay winning bets, take losing bets, and to watch the players to be sure the game is being played fairly/legally.
The job of a poker dealer is to enforce the rules of the game, and the rules of the casino on behavior etc.