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Meilleur main poker preflop

meilleur main poker preflop

3bb 9bb 12bb How much of the total pot is hero investing?
But how do we multiply percentages?
Basic Maths Behind Pre-flop Re-Raises You might be dreading giro de un casino more maths at this stage.But in reality, if youve paid attention to the first part of this article you should already possess all the mathematical skills you require to draw some solid conclusions about the profitability of a 3bet bluff in the following example.Or perhaps they 3bet us and we 4bet as a bluff, etc.Even if our open- steal is not directly profitable by itself, it may still be a profitable; we can win the pot post-flop often enough to make up for a slight loss on our steal!There are two main ways we can steal pre-flop; open-raising, and re-raising.First we need to convert them into decimals; divide by 100 (or move the dot pago anual bono mujer trabajadora 2016 two places back to the left.We just need to use different numbers and stats.But only in certain circumstances.In this case we are particularly interested in our opponents FoldTo3bet stat.Answer below What is the total pot size?In order to work out how often a bluff needs to be profitable we simply need to look at which percentage of the total pot we are investing.In this article we will focus on 3betting, although hopefully you will be able to extract the principles and apply them to a wide range of other situations.Seeing as we know the precise fold-to-steal stats of our opponent we can calculate the exact amount of time our bluff will work.Convert tabla de apuestas y pagos en la ruleta this back into a decimal.Firstly, what is the total pot?Similar to open-raising, in order for a bluff to be profitable our opponent needs to be folding sufficiently often.Dans cette vidéo je vais vous conseillez et présenter pour moi le meilleur site de poker en France.(Remember the formula of total pot invested time your bluff needs to work) What should villains FoldTo3bet stat be in order to make this bluff profitable?Whether your declaration is true is another matter - you may be slow playing or bluffing.You will be able to apply the knowledge youve learnt to pretty much any bluffing situation you encounter, not just pre-flop.Maybe you have realised this range of hands can vary extremely widely depending on who is still to act.
If our opponent is open-raising very loose from the BU and very tight from UTG, there is a good chance he is folding to 3bets a lot more often from the BU compared to UTG.
To convert this to a percentage simply enter.5 4 in your calculator.

Against one opponent this is very easy our bluff will work the same amount of time as their fold-to-steal stat.
It is necessary for our opponents to be sufficiently tight.