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Odds of losing 6 blackjack hands in a row

With proper Basic Strategy, you're looking at winning about 48 of hands, losing about 52 (in general).
I understand david garcia poker the dangers in progressively increasing your bets with each loss in the hopes of recouping losses after a predetermined number of hands.
To me, its like an airship designer asking a chemist: Does hydrogen weigh only half as much as helium? .
The Martingale is the simplest of the negative progression betting systems.As a result of this law all of the common slots such as Double Diamond, Red-White-Blue, etc were installed with a two spin option.If I answer the revised and improved question.But after playing many and many hands I have not made any profit.Just curious if you had any info.Then I went to the casino and lost over 1000.Probability of losing n hands in a row, ignoring pushes.Ray from Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, hi, have you ever heard any complaints about "slotland casino" because I am a bit suspicious about their paises que ganaron mas medallas en los juegos olimpicos space jack game.The real numbers still make this a very bad idea.) On top of that, blackjack is a terrible choice for the Martingale system.But Im just starting to learn baccarat.If you lose the second hand, you start doubling your bets from that point through the sixth hand.
(Yes, I am oversimplifying because doubles and splits make the math very messy.