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Simple blackjack c programming

If you ever want to reglas para juego de poker expand this (perhaps to be a server that serves games to multiple groups of people at the same time having globals won't work.
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Here are a few ways you could take it to the next level.Nn main return 0;).I'd try to simplify them.In this task, I strongly realize how stupid.Can anyone see anything I really need to work on or fix?null, null, " Continue " Quit 'c 'q 2) exit(exit_success int loop0; for (loop0; loop 11; loop) destroy_bitmap(rd_picloop destroy_bitmap(rd_picloop return 0; END_OF_main).I develop it in Ubuntu Linux, and gcc works fine.Luckily I found alternative compiler in Windows: Dev C and, tiny C Compiler.Perhaps use a state machine.However, I didnt exactly understand how it works in C, and I had to find out the algorithm, which our teacher didnt tell.You created a constant cards but then you only use it once.And after I found the answer to the algorithm, I was trapped in the pointers and arrays, and my poor understanding to function in C forced me to face strange warnings and errors.Array, you must say.Their order requires random, no repeat, and easy to access.There are 2 reasons: As it is now, it's difficult to find who changed them when they change.I have uploaded it to m/fyears/simple-Black-Jack now).H struct cards int card_value10; char card_name10; char card_suit10; int card_tally; bitmap *card_pic10; ; struct cards hand2; short decks1; short cards_used14 0; int player_cash 500; void endgame if (player_cash 1) alert You lost it all big guy!
1) display_hands int bet 50; int alert_val alert3 Please place your bet null, null, " 50 " 100 "15 0 '5 '1 '0 bet alert_val * 50; player_cashplayer_cash - bet; display_hands draw_card(0 draw_card(1 draw_card(1 display_hands player_turn if (rd_tally 22) dealer_turn display_hands if (rd_tally rd_tally) (rd_tally.

Our teacher gave us a task: to finish a small but not so useless program by our own.
Because the sum of your 5 cards is no larger than 21!