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Slot a duron athlon

slot a duron athlon

CPU: 512 AthlonMP (1.65 GHz).
This technology was marketed as " PowerNow!
The Athlon's three decoders could potentially decode three x86 instructions to six microinstructions per clock, although this was somewhat unlikely in real-world use.The "Thoroughbred" core marked AMD's first production 130 nm silicon, resulting in a 10 euro free casino no deposit 2018 significant reduction in die size compared to its 180 nm predecessor.Specifications L1-Cache: 64 64 kB (Data Instructions) L2-Cache: 256 kB, full speed MMX, 3DNow!, SSE Socket A (EV6) Front-side bus : 133/166 MHz (266/333 MT/s) VCore:.501.65 V First release: June 10, 2002 (A August 21, 2002 (B) Clockrate: Thoroughbred "A MHz (1600 to 2200) Thoroughbred "B MHz (1600."Motorola Prepares to Manufacture AMD's Upcoming K7 Chip".AMD's new fab in Dresden came online, allowing further production increases, and the calendario levante poker challenge 2017 process technology was improved by a switch to copper interconnects.When the system is idle, the CPU clocks itself down via lower bus multiplier and selects a lower voltage.Palomino was the first K7 core to include the full SSE instruction set from the Intel Pentium III, as well as AMD's 3DNow!This increases total cache size of the processor and effectively makes caching behave as if there is a very large L1 cache with a slower region (the L2) and a very fast region (the L1).AMD K6 line of processors.An open Slot A cartridge.Retrieved September 6, 2018.
The PR also became somewhat inaccurate because some Barton models with lower clock rates were being given higher PR than higher-clocked Thoroughbred processors.

Thus they could be used in place of the more expensive Athlon MP in dual socket A motherboards.
Intel Pentium III (Coppermine).