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Slotted sunglasses ragnarok quest

Type, armor, class Middle Headgear Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 0 Defense 1 wonder bingo Required Lvl None Slot 0 Refineable No Applicable Jobs Every Job Description Not Available iRO Description Not Available Item Script, Dropped By No Result Ancient Elven Ear 0 Middle Head Item ID#.
These are best hunted from Thara Frogs.5500 Siege Tokens 250 Old Shuriken 1 Gentleman's Pipe 1 Gae Bolg 1 Ancient Dagger 1 Blade Lost in Darkness Bird Nest Upper Agi 2 Adds 10 tolerance to the Animal monsters.First he needs the players to goto the famous tinkerer Jo-Anna Gutenberg and get her to make the press.After you have killed all the Side Winders, return to King Froggy, he will ask you for 100 Venom Canine.Costume Little Devil's Horn Defeat Great Demon Baphomet 100 times.100 Soft Silk 1 Tiger's Footskin 300 Leopard Skin 5 Orange Dyestuffs 2,499,995 Zeny Dokkebi Mask Middle/Lower Increase damage against Angel monsters.Costume Hairband of Thorns Defeat Naght Sieger 100 times.More info available here - Available from another quest in Comodo.Orc Helm and an, orcish Voucher.Return with the 100 Venom Canine, and he will ask for 50 Scale Shell, best hunted from Isis.500 Black Bear Skin 150 Piece of Black Cloth 1 Striped Hairband 75 Striped Sock 2 Black Dyestuff 300 Comodo Leather @navi moc_para01 105/98 Hachiman Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Upper Increases critical attack la ruleta de la suerte online twitter damage by 10 Adds 5 chance of 100 mdef ignored for.Shalosh's Hairband Defeat Awakened Ferre 100 times.Costume Celine's Ribbon Defeat Celine Kimi 100 times.Available Colors to dye are: Yellow (original color) Blue Green Red White Frog Hat Quest Level Requirement: Base Level.100 Flexible Tube 150 Mud Lump 200 Sticky Mucus @navi einbech 143/86 Filthy Baker Fish in Mouth Lower When the wearer kills a monster, they will get a low chance to drop Fresh Fish.

Return to her and she will give you a Catfoot Hairpin.
Physical and Magical attack strength against Brute monsters.
Necromancer's Hood Defeat Morroc Necromancer 100 times.