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After I voted I gave juegos tragamonedas reales her a very good piece of mind, to which she just replied I have an entitlement to an opinion.
Nobody would have noticed anyway).
If anyone harmed just one of my beloved family I would quite happily exercise hell has no fury, and face time behind bars for my remaining years.
Ignore any opinion other than casino divonne les bains their own.Maybe he thought if he did it the same day, nobody would notice.Nominated by Lostsheep, alyssa Milano Is a cunt.But at least I know who they are and what they achieved in their careers not some random womens rights freedom fighter who no one gives a flying fuck about.Because of cunts like you more and more men are beginning to see women as more trouble than they are worth.What a nasty undemocratic party they are.Its awful slow and has very few fans including women.A pair of nailed boots boxing gloves would at the very least save the court cost of any mitigating, nauseous defence.Well she is a ex footballer / pundit who had to go on thr BBC and tell us how awful it is being a female pundit and the abuse she gets daily for having a vagina.Know one knows who she is or what the fuck she did playing at a pub team level of the game.Nominated by Speakyourmind (At least that cunt Cable resigned as well as May.What a fucking cunt of a party.Its all about the womans right to do as she sees fit with her body, on the other side of the argument the pro lifers believe someone has to speak for those with a body but no voice.Nominated by Sixdog Vomit, liberal Democrats.After telling her in no uncertain terms she should fuck off and if I had my way she would be off to the tower for treason, her heavy mob came outside.Fuck off shes a slightly weird looking bird (like 90 of female footballers) who has nothing new to offer that any of the dippy blokes dont already say.Whilst ignoring the opinion.4 million voters.Womens football is like watching your kids playing after school league.
Sat outside all smug outside the polling station like nothing has happened.