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Jim claimed he had to go warn Hannah and the tech-acolytes that someone called "The Fleshsmith" was still alive and would be coming aboard, so he might've had an actual reason, but the only excuse Tink had was that he needed to go hide Fio.
Waar het aanvankelijk vooral om pokernieuws ging, is het portaal in de afgelopen vier jaar enorm gegroeid.
Nubby managed to back our three meter wide van into the two-and-a-half meter wide spot with only minor damage to the vehicles on either side, and Sarge triumphantly informed Sciscitat that we were in position.
For all his talk about the Officer being this big threat to security, the most he was actually willing to do to help us was send the man's public record to Tink.So yeah, time well spent.It all sort of ran together after a juego uno de cartas como se juega while.Not out of any sort of idiotic stubbornness, but because every time he tried to shut up and take his ticket the Officer reached for his comm to call a tow vehicle.Along with his charming self, the Inquisitor had also brought some of our former teammates along.Sarge wasted a fair bit of time trying to talk Sciscitat around, but when that failed we decided to just quietly annex a few rooms which we felt were underutilized.Fully resupplied for the first time in ages, Twitch made a horrible, but very secure, mess of our new quarters.Back then he'd been a self-important data-analysis weenie, who sat around juegos tragamonedas 5 tambores unicornio gratis on a small normal-space corvette stuffed to the bulkheads with cogitators, while his team did the dirty work of gathering intel and executing the over-complex plan he cooked.Well, not literally, he was just sort of hanging out of the smallest possible crack in the van's rear doors, desperately trying to hide the fact that he and everyone else in the vehicle were carrying highly illegal weapons, while he babbled for time.Admittedly, it was a small spot, and was labeled "Administratum Courier Vehicles Only and was technically occupied, but we figured the owner of the little bike-thing wouldn't mind us relocating it to somewhere more efficient, such as the bed of the pickup truck three spots.The rest of us just stood around speculated on whether the markswoman would still obsess over her hair, since this time her entire scalp would be regrown Sororitas-white, and whether there was some sort of energy-attack-attracting magnet embedded in her skull somewhere (Sister Valerie said.This had led to our official designation as dumb muscle, which was just fine with us, but it had also led to The Rules, which were less.Such as the fact that our destination was some shit-hole of a Hive World, that Oak still hadn't been caught, and someone or other had finally noticed the squished Inquisitor was missing.Since the Inquisitor thought of us as "a bunch of juvenile, tactless, indiscreet, and dangerously incompetent meatheads and we considered him to be a socially inept cogitator weeny with delusions of genius, why we'd been paired up like this was a bit of a mystery.Anyway, it sucked leaving Fumbles behind, but at least juegos virtuales 3d sin descargar he took the news better than we'd expected.And after that it was all "I've got to transfer my information on Sergeant Gravis' condition, and fix the scalpel wound in my face the lazy bastard.
It'd been a nice boring assignment for them right up until their Astropaths lost contact with the rest of galaxy.
As a side note, most of this stuff was left in place when we reached our destination on account of the Inquisitor's silly twenty-kilo limit, and because nobody felt like cleaning.

None of the Secret Police seemed inclined to dispute these tickets, and the second the Scribe was loaded the whole lot of them just sort of melted back into the crowd and disappeared.
So yeah, gang war.
It was a miracle that nobody was killed.